Learning Center Overview

Learning Center Overview

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All of the materials published by WLP are free for download in our LEARNING CENTER.


Publications and Manuals

Publications and Manuals

Browse our training publications and manuals on leadership, political participation, human rights, and ending violence against women, and other topics. These can be adapted for any learning setting—for a single session or longer workshops. Mix and match sessions from different manuals for your learning needs. There are over 60 manuals, anthologies, studies, and university press publications available.

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Resources for Trainers

Resources for Trainers

Workshop facilitators can find tools and instructions on leading training sessions using WLP’s participatory methodology. Browse our Resources for Trainers, which include our Multimedia Facilitators' Toolkit (booklets and videos), facilitator guides, excerpted training sessions, introductory essays, evaluation tools, and materials on training techniques. 

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Documentary Films

Documentary Films

Browse our collection of over 70 documentary films relating to women’s rights and the women’s global movements. They cover dozens of topics that range from race relations in the United States to honor crimes in Jordan. These films were produced by WLP, our partners, and external organizations. The films are free to the public for educational purposes.   



Interviews with Women Leaders

Women’s rights leaders share their experiences and expertise with WLP, and we make their stories available to you through our Learning Center. Browse our broadcast news media interviews and topical interviews to hear the voices and visions of leading feminists from around the globe. Our Witness Series and podcasts are coming soon.


Corpus of Laws

Corpus of Laws

Browse our collection of laws and legal instruments from our partner countries and beyond. We have available constitutions, international and national laws, and penal codes that govern women’s status in the family, women’s rights, and human security. For your research and women’s rights advocacy, the Learning Center contains an assortment of research-based analyses and other related resources.   

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Event Archives

Browse our collection of video and audio recordings, booklets, speaker biographies, and reports from WLP events that have connected women and built momentum for women’s rights campaigns over the last two decades. Speakers and participants of our events include policymakers, heads of international and national agencies, women’s rights leaders, and grassroots women from around the globe. 

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Oral History Project

Oral History Archive of the Global Women's Movement

WLP’s Oral History Archive of the Global Women's Movement (Oral History Project) contains extensive interviews with dozens of leading women’s rights activists discussing their eye-witness accounts of women’s rights history in the making. Our Oral History Project is housed at the British Library Sound Archive, London, UK, with parallel collections maintained at WLP’s office in Washington, D.C.

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