Organizational Capacity Building

Capacity Building workshop for women's cooperatives in Turkey
Participants work in groups at an organizational capacity building workshop for women's cooperatives in Turkey.

WLP builds the capacities of grassroots women's rights organizations through leadership workshops, networking opportunities, and targeted organizational development trainings on topics such as financial management, grant writing, and monitoring and evaluation. 

Transnational Partners Convening

Our annual Transnational Partners Convening (TPC) brings together the entire WLP Partnership to share experiences, review accomplishments and challenges, and commit to organizational goals, while reaffirming trust and respect among the widespread leadership of our partner organizations. During this intensive, multi-day meeting, WLP partners and board members evaluate progress on WLP’s projects, discuss priorities, and determine the next steps in our work. 

The TPC gives continuity to the Partnership’s operations from year to year, and provides an opportunity for the partners to bring new ideas to our collective table. Partners are able to participate in topical workshops relating to the current global trends in civil society and women's rights, and to lead practical sessions in their areas of expertise. Conversations and learning sessions at the TPC frequently lead to new advocacy initiatives, trainings, and resource development.

Forum Mulher and CEPIA on Family Law at GTOT 2016
WLP facilitators from Mozambique and Brazil present a collaborative training plan for family law reform advocacy.

Peer to Peer Exchanges 

Another very successful networking opportunity is WLP’s peer-to-peer exchanges, where representatives from one WLP partner organization travel to another partner organization to facilitate strategic planning meetings, new fundraising initiatives, facilitator training, and other capacity building strategies. Each year these peer-to-peer organizational exchanges take place in dozens of countries.

Online Training

WLP develops online trainings to bring skills and expertise to our partners and their representatives, based on partner demand and emerging priorities. These workshops and webinars cover a range of capacity building subjects from monitoring and evaluation, to grants management, to using social media for online advocacy. WLP’s online trainings are able to reach a multi-national audience efficiently and cost-effectively, while providing expert content and step by step support. Whenever possible, WLP integrates our participatory, gender-sensitive, and culture-specific teaching methodology into our online learning. Online trainings have been conducted in several languages for our partners across the globe.