About Our Documentary Films

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WLP’s Learning Center houses over 70 documentary films relating to women’s rights and the women’s global movements. These films were produced by WLP, our partners, and external organizations. The films are free to the public for educational purposes. All the films in our collection directly relate to the work of the Partnership to raise awareness of the global status of women and to promote just, peaceful, democratic societies.

Per our Terms of Use, there is no fee associated with using WLP's resources, including the documentary films in our collection, for learning or knowledge sharing. However, commercial use is strictly forbidden. 

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WLP Documentaries

WLP creates documentary films that are frequently used in our workshops and public awareness-raising events. Produced in over half a dozen languages, the documentaries showcase the stories and perspectives of leading women’s rights advocates from the Global South, many of whom are from our partner organizations. The documentaries ask important questions about women’s mobilization, the risk of backlash, and the role of human rights in securing peace and progress for women today. 

For a complete list with descriptions and links to the documentary films produced by WLP, click here.

Partner Documentaries

The documentary films produced by our partners cover a variety of topics relating to their local and regional campaigns. Some examples are films about the nationality campaigns in the MENA region, the fight for Soulaliyate women’s access to and ownership of community lands in Morocco, and programs for women’s leadership in Kyrgyzstan. Some of the films were developed for television or to be shown in film festivals, others are recordings from women’s rights events. Each provides a window into the diversity and similarity of women’s stories about championing women’s rights.

External Documentaries

WLP’s documentary film collection includes recordings contributed by external organizations such as National Geographic, and journalistic television programs such as the BBC. Some follow the lives of individual women; others tell the stories of communities overcoming enormous challenges. From the West Bank to Montgomery, Alabama, from slums in India to elite dinners in Washington, these films provide an eclectic and engaging range of stories about the status of women around the world.  

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