Mission, Vision, and Guiding Principles

Inscribed in the WLP Charter, WLP’s Mission, Vision, and Guiding Principles reflect the Partnership’s core values, objectives, and practices. 


To transform power relations and promote justice, equality, peace, and sustainable development by strengthening the feminist movement.


Democratic and peaceful societies that embrace pluralism and tolerance and are governed by gender-equitable norms, legislation, and policies that translate into equal rights and equal levels of participation and decision making for women and men in the family, community, and politics.

Guiding Principles:

  • We live our core values and beliefs. We are committed to the creation of tolerant, egalitarian, and democratic communities developed through partnerships based on cooperation, trust, and respect. We sustain our partnerships through open, ongoing, and in-depth communication. 
  • We are a learning organization that is flexible, evolving, and responsive to the changes in our environment. 
  • We honor the collective nature of the Partnership and believe in the importance of a shared vision. 
  • We promote and sustain leadership that is horizontal, participatory, ethical, and inclusive. 
  • We believe that respectful and trusting relationships are the basis for developing high quality programs and sustainable social impact. 
  • We encourage critical feedback and are always searching for innovative initiatives to improve the quality of our work. 
  • We adapt to and locate our programs for empowerment in the unique socioeconomic, cultural, religious, and political conditions in each society. 
  • We foster growth and expansion through consolidating and strengthening the capacity of partners. 
  • We aspire to be at the cutting edge of ICT developments and their applicability for capacity enhancement and movement building.