Our Partners

Our Partners

Our partners are the driving force behind all of WLP’s programs. They define the parameters of our advocacy, design our activities, review and refine our learning tools, and sustain our extensive campaign networks across the globe. 

Meet Our Partners

Our partners are located in the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Each organization is autonomous, but across the Partnership we share a common vision for women’s advancement, human rights, and peace. Groups of partners meet several times a year to collaborate on regional and local campaigns and other activities, and the entire partnership participates in our annual Transnational Partners Convening (TPC) to conduct our State of the Partnership and State of the World reviews. 

All of our partners are well respected in their communities and among their constituents, and are making important strides in promoting women’s equality locally and globally. Click on the links below to learn about our partners, including their areas of focus, their advocacy campaigns, their work with the WLP Partnership, and just some of what they have been able to accomplish.

BRAZIL Citizenship, Study, Research, Information, and Action

EGYPT Forum for Women in Development

INDONESIA Women and Youth Development Institute of Indonesia

IRAN Activists and Scholars

JORDAN Solidarity is Global Institute/Jordan

KAZAKHSTAN Shymkent Women's Resource Center


MALAYSIA All Women's Action Society

MAURITANIA Association of Female Heads of Households

MOROCCO Democratic Association of Moroccan Women


NIGERIA Center for Advancement of Development Rights

PAKISTAN Aurat Foundation

SENEGAL Groupe d'Initiatives pour le Progrès Social/West Africa Region

TURKEY Foundation for the Support of Women's Work

ZIMBABWE Women's Self-Promotion Movement