Indonesia leadership training of trainers
Facilitators review a session from Leading to Choices at a WLP training on leadership and human rights in Indonesia.

WLP’s training workshops are dialogue-based and interactive, and draw on our participatory leadership methodology, reaching thousands of women, men, and youth each year at the local, national, and regional levels. 

Grassroots Workshops

WLP’s workshops for grassroots women are greatly enhanced by the wisdom and tenacity of the constituencies we serve. Our workshop facilitators operate on the premise that all participants come to our workshops with thoughtful questions and ideas that can inform the lessons. Our workshops emphasize active participation, role-playing, and shared learning, so that participants explore the content through discussions and building consensus.

Our grassroots workshops focus on empowerment and skills in human rights advocacy, democracy building, political action, participatory leadership, program evaluation, organizational capacity building, and the use of ICTs for active citizenship. The curriculum developed for the workshops is adaptable to meet the needs of specific constituents, so that each workshop is relevant to the community where it is being conducted.

Training-Lebanon Regional TOT July 2013
Participants discuss facilitation techniques at a MENA regional training of trainers in Beirut, Lebanon.

Training of Trainers

WLP partners conduct dozens of training of trainers (TOTs) workshops each year. The training events are national, regional, or international in scope, depending on the context and on-the-ground priorities. Our TOTs are primarily for women who are already engaged in promoting women’s advancement and are leaders in their communities.

In the workshops, participants learn about WLP’s training methodology, and specific tools and strategies for advancing women’s leadership, political participation, and human rights. Some TOTs focus on strengthening the capacity of local CSOs through fundraising, social media, and long-term strategic planning. Our TOT participants go on to conduct their own WLP-curriculum workshops in their communities, replicating our workshop methodology and exponentially expanding our reach.

Advanced Training on Human Rights in Beirut
WLP's Global Facilitator Team members from Brazil, Turkey, Malaysia, and Mozambique work together to plan a session on equality and human rights.

Expert Trainers Exchange (Global Training of Trainers Program)

Hosting training of trainers (TOTs) workshops can be daunting for organizations doing it for the first time, but the process brings them greater exposure in their region and invaluable experience networking with individuals and organizations that share their goals. WLP’s Global Training of Trainers (GTOT) program provides logistical support and travel grants to experienced trainers to attend TOTs hosted by partners with less familiarity with the WLP methodology. The experienced trainers help partners understand WLP’s curriculum, and how to adapt it to their own settings and the constituents they serve.

Periodically, WLP also hosts advanced workshops for our international team of trainers from across the partnership to share their experiences with one another, and to swap their best practices for facilitation and adapting curriculum.