Countering Violence Against Women: International Perspectives of Feminist Advocacy and Family Law Reform

WLP and IDRC Activities at Women Deliver Conference 2019

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    04 Jun, 2019

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    • Vancouver Convention Center Room 110
    • 999 Canada Pl Vancouver, BC V6C 3C1
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Join Women’s Learning Partnership and the International Development Research Centre to learn about 3 years of research on the link between family laws and violence against women. The research culminated in case studies in Brazil, India, Iran, Lebanon, Nigeria, Palestine, Senegal, and Turkey. Panelists will discuss innovative strategies used by women across the world to achieve legal reform and to help counter current cultural and social justifications for gender-based violence.

This research is part of the global campaign Equality Starts in the Family, which advocates to change the culturally determined roles that perpetuate gender discrimination in family, community, and society. Throughout history, the unequal status of women in the family has been remarkably the same all over the world. The structure of the relationships between men and women and boys and girls is hierarchical, top down, and segmented by gender roles. This unequal status within the home upholds the inequalities outside of it, including harmful and discriminatory practices like gender-based violence. WLP partners on the have been working in their respective countries for years and are building a global movement to reform these laws and end discrimination within the family.



Connect with WLP on the Exhibition Floor

Stop by the IDRC booth #255-264 on the exhibition floor for a film screening of the WLP documentary “Equality: It’s All in the Family”, a Q&A session with WLP partners and allies, and to learn more about our publications.  

Equality: It's All in the Family Film Screening and Discussion | June 4 | 14:30-15:30 

Countering Violence Against Women and Family Law Discussion | June 6 | 13:00-13:30

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