Equality Starts in the Family Campaign

Equality Starts in the Family campaign logo

Women's Learning Partnership (WLP) is spearheading a global campaign--Equality Starts in the Family—to advocate for gender equality within and outside the home so that women and girls are afforded equal rights and opportunities in all walks of life.

To do this, the campaign focuses on:

  • Reforming discriminatory family laws that are the foundation of the unequal status of women and girls in the family. This unequal status within the home upholds the inequalities outside of it, including in areas of education, livelihood, and politics.
  • Changing the culturally determined structures, roles, and beliefs that perpetuate gender discrimination. People make culture and therefore people can change culture; it’s critical that we examine and amend the ways in which cultural forces infringe on the rights of women and girls.

WLP partners on the ground in the Global South have been working on these issues in their respective countries for years. Now, we are building a global movement to reform these laws and end discrimination within the family. 

WLP is joined by leading organizations in order to tackle this issue across sectors :


Ways to Get Involved

  • Learn about discriminatory family laws. Watch and share our documentary, Equality: It's All in the Family, to understand the scope of the issue.
  • Educate others. Host a film screening of the documentary at your school or workplace. Or, use additional tools and resources available in WLP’s online Learning Center  to host workshops or discussions.
  • Tell your story. Use social media to raise awareness of why we need #Genderequalityinfamily! 
    • We need #genderequalityinfamily because my daughter deserves all the same rights as my son.
    • To achieve gender equality in education, work, and politics, we first need #genderequalityinfamily.
    • #Genderequalityinfamily means that women are entitled to the same rights as men when it comes to inheritance, divorce, and citizenship.
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This campaign is part of WLP's research-based advocacy project, Family Law Reform to Challenge Gender-Based Violence, supported by the International Development Research Centre.