Feminist Advocacy, Family Law, and Violence Against Women: International Perspectives

A research anthology to reform discriminatory family laws
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Edited by Mahnaz AfkhamiYakin Ertürk, and Ann Mayer

Around the world, discriminatory legislation often referred to as family law prevents women from accessing their human rights. This book demonstrates how women across the world are contributing to legal reform, helping to shape non-discriminatory policies and to counter current legal and social justifications for gender-based violence. Using case studies from around the world and interviews with prominent women's rights activists, the book provides a complex global picture of current trends and strategies in the fight for a more egalitarian society.

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Feminist Advocacy, Family Law, and Violence Against Women was developed as part of WLP's global initiative to reform discriminatory family laws.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction Mahnaz Afkhami

PART I Country Case Studies

2. Feminist Advocacy for Family Law Reform: Cross-country overview Yakin Ertürk

3. Brazil Mariana Barsted, Leila Linhares, and Jacqueline Pitanguy

4. India Kalpana Kannabiran

5. Iran Mehrangiz Kar and Azadeh Pourzand

6. Lebanon Ziyad Baroud and Ghadir El-Alayli

7. Nigeria Victoria Ibezim-Ohaeri

8. Palestine Luna Saadeh, Fidaa Barghouthi, and Fatmeh Muaqqet

9. Senegal Alpha Ba and Aminata Bousso Ly

10. Turkey Gökçeçiçek Ayata Ayşen Candaş

Part II Interviews

11. Interviews with Leaders in the Egyptian, Jordanian, and Moroccan Campaigns to Reform Family Laws and Eliminate Gender-based Violence Haleh Vaziri

12. Interview with Hoda Elsadda

13. Interview with Asma Khader

14. Interview with Rabéa Naciri

15. Conclusion: Reflections on Recent Progress and Reversals in the War to Curb Violence against Women Ann Elizabeth Mayer



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