Challenges of Change: Religion, Secularism & Rights

A Conference of WLP and SAIS at Johns Hopkins University

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    21 Sep, 2010

  • Location

    • Kenney Auditorium, Johns Hopkins SAIS
    • 1740 Massachusetts Ave NW Washington, DC
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Yakin Ertürk

Former United Nations Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women

Asma Khader

Secretary General, Jordanian National Commission for Women

Jacqueline Pitanguy

Co-Founder and Director, Cidadania, Estudo, Pesquisa, Informação e Ação (Cepia)

Frances Kissling

Visiting Scholar, Center for Bioethics, University of Pennsylvania

Regan Ralph

Executive Director, The Fund for Global Human Rights

WLP, in cooperation with the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), hosts a panel of women leaders from Africa, the Americas, Asia, and the Middle East who will speak to challenges of accommodating diversity while striving for human rights in a world plagued by ethnic and religious clashes, and where some strive to impose their beliefs and lifestyles on all.

Speakers will discuss the impact of a decade of "clash of civilizations" rhetoric on intellectual as well as pragmatic work of those who struggle for gender justice and those who seek to transform cultures of violence into cultures of peace. They discuss connections between violence against women in the home and violence in communities, regions, and global settings. They will share strategies for mobilizing communities to bring about non-violent, positive change.



9:30 am   

Watch Welcome remarks by Azar Nafisi and Mahnaz Afkhami


Watch Panel 1: Religion, Culture, and the Challenges of Change

  • Chair: Frances Kissling
  • Thoraya Obaid
  • Yakin Ertürk

11:15-11:30   Coffee break


Watch Panel 2: Building a Culture of Peace in Multi-ethnic/Multi-religious Societies

  • Chair: LaShawn Jefferson
  • Anne Gahongayire
  • Karima Bennoune
  • Zainah Anwar

1:00-2:00    Lunch


Watch Panel 3: Legislating Public and Private Spaces

  • Chair: Regan Ralph
  • Jacqueline Pitanguy
  • Asma Khader
  • Eleanor Smeal

3:30-3:45    Coffee break


Watch Panel 4: Claiming Our Rights through Nonviolent Movement Building

  • Chair: Carolyn Long
  • Marian Wright Edelman
  • Pregs Govender (video)
  • Mahnaz Afkhami

5:15-5:30    Conclusion


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