Human Rights: The Unfinished Journey (video, Portuguese)

Human Rights Portuguese Subtitles

Human Rights: The Unfinished Journey (video, Portuguese)

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WLP Documentary
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Portuguese (Português)



WLP and filmmaker Deb Bergeron chronicle the history of the human rights movement and its decline over the last decade. The popularity of social media and the international emphasis on “hard security” have transformed the world, creating new opportunities and new challenges for human rights defenders. Since the tragic events of 9/11, the concept of “security” has become more polarized—with proponents of state security (police, military, and intelligence) pitted against proponents of human rights. The result has been that the aspiration of security itself has become highly politicized, impeding a critical component of human progress. Experts in this 27-minute video make the case for human rights and their connection to lasting peace and human security.

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