A Woman's Place (video, English)

A Woman's Place (video, English)

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External Documentary
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This is a pre-release copy of a full-length documentary film by Paromita Vohra for PBS that explores how women in the United States, India, and South Africa negotiate the space between law and custom. Through these women's stories, the film illustrates legal instruments from constitutional, civil, and traditional law that shape the lives  of women globally, particularly in relation to home and family. 

[1:34]  Duluth, Minnesota - Prosecutor Mary Asmus battles to create a safe place for women in their homes, where 4 million American women are killed or injured by their partners  every year.

[18:16]  Bombay, India - Divorced women Seema Mistry and Veena Grover struggle to find their place in a society that traditionally scorns divorce.

[36:30]  Mount Frere, South Africa - Judge Tandaswa Ndita fights to guarantee women the right to own property and a place of their own in a rural area where local custom often clashes with the new South African constitution.