Constitution of Mozambique (document, English)

Mozambique Constitution 2007-English.pdf

Constitution of Mozambique (document, English)

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The Constitution of the Republic of Mozambique of 2004

With amendments through 2007


  • Preamble
  • Title I: Basic Principles
  • Title II: Nationality
  • Title III: Fundamental Rights, Duties, and Freedoms
  • Title IV: Economic, Social, Financial, and Fiscal Organization
  • Title V: Organization of Political Power
  • Title VI: President of the Republic
  • Title VII: Assembly of the Republic
  • Title VIII: Government
  • Title IX: Courts
  • Title X: Public Prosecution Service
  • Title XI: Constitutional Council
  • Title XII: Public Administration, Police, Ombudsman, and Local State Bodies
  • Title XIII: National Defense and National Defense and Security Council
  • Title XIV: Local Administration
  • Title XV: Constitutional Guarantees
  • Title XVI: Symbols, Currency, and Capital of the Republic
  • Title XVII: Final and Transitory Provisions

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