Generation Equality Forum: WLP Commits to Advocacy for Family Law Reform


WLP’s Global Equality in the Family Campaign

For decades WLP partners have been working in their countries to reform discriminatory family laws and harmful practices that begin at the level of the family. In 2017, WLP launched the global campaign - Equality Starts in the Family—to advocate for gender equality within and outside the home so that women and girls are afforded equal rights and opportunities in all walks of life. WLP published (Routledge press, 2018) case studies on family law advocacy around the world, and produced the documentary Equality: It’s All in the Family in 2017. The text of dozens of family laws are accessible in multiple languages in our online learning center. To date, WLP has trained over 4,000 women and men on equality in the family advocacy.

At the GEF: WLP's Commitment to Equality in Family Law

The Generation Equality Forum has called for strong commitments by civil society, governments, and individuals that will transform structures and systems of power and lead to gender equality. As part of the GEF, WLP joins international allies in making commitments to continue our research and advocacy efforts for equality in the family.

Read our published GEF commitment to family law reform below.


At the GEF: WLP's Commitment to Equal Nationality Rights

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