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Soulaliyate's Surprise Celebration for WLP Morocco/ADFM

For over a decade, the Soulaliyates, rural women in Morocco, and WLP Morocco/ADFM have worked diligently to claim equal land rights for the women of Morocco. Last month, a group of Soulaliyate women presented ADFM leadership a surprise gift of gratitude to celebrate this inspirational partnership! 

African Leaders Create a Vision for Gender Equality in the Family at WLP's Advocacy Workshop

From August 25-28, 2018, WLP Nigeria/CEADER hosted a RTOT.  Activists from Ghana, Mauritania, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, Kenya, and Uganda gathered in Lagos for WLP’s capacity building institute on reforming discriminatory family laws. Participants presented information on the status of family laws in their countries, engaged in group activities, held brainstorming sessions, and formed a collective vision for achieving gender equality in the family.