Protocol to the African Charter on the Rights of Women in Africa (document, English)


Protocol to the African Charter on the Rights of Women in Africa (document, English)

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The adoption of the Protocol to the African Charter on Human and People's Rights (ACHPR) on the Rights of Women in Africa in Maputo in July 2003 marked a commendable stride by the African Union (AU) in addressing discrimination and violence against women. The Protocol mandates African States to eradicate all manifestations of discrimination and violence against women on the continent and actively work towards fostering gender equality.


  • Article 1: Definitions
  • Article 2: Elimination of Discrimination Against Women
  • Article 3: Right to Dignity
  • Article 4: The Rights to Life, Integrity and Security of the Person
  • Article 5: Elimination of Harmful Practices 
  • Article 6: Marriage
  • Article 7: Separation, Divorce and Annulment of Marriage
  • Article 8: Access to Justice and Equal Protection before the Law
  • Article 9: Right to Participation in the Political and Decision-Making Process
  • Article 10: Right to Peace
  • Article 11: Protection of Women in Armed Conflicts
  • Article 12: Right to Education and Training
  • Article 13: Economic and Social Welfare Rights
  • Article 14: Health and Reproductive Rights
  • Article 15: Right to Food Security
  • Article 16: Right to Adequate Housing
  • Article 17: Right to Positive Cultural Context
  • Article 18: Right to a Healthy and Sustainable Environment
  • Article 19: Right to Sustainable Development
  • Article 20: Widows' Rights
  • Article 21: Right to Inheritance
  • Article 22: Special Protection of Elderly Women
  • Article 23: Special Protection of Women with Disabilities 
  • Article 24: Special Protection of Women in Distress
  • Article 25: Remedies
  • Article 26: Implementation and Monitoring
  • Article 27: Interpretation 
  • Article 28: Signature, Ratification and Accession
  • Article 29: Entry into Force
  • Article 30: Amendment and Revision
  • Article 31: Status of the Present Protocol
  • Article 32: Transitional Provisions

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