Zenebework Tadesse interview on leadership in African women's movement (video, English)

Zenebework Tadesse interview on leadership in African women's movement (video, English)

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Zenebework Tadesse speaks on her views of the most important aspects of effective, non-exploitative leadership, the role of strong communication skills, different types of leadership (particularly between women and men), and contextual factors of good leadership. 

[0:00:00] "How do you define leadership?"
[0:01:43] "Are there specific characteristics that are important for there to be an effective, more peaceful leader?"
[0:02:35] "Do you think these characteristics change for a man versus a woman leader?"
[0:04:21] "Some people say that leadership is an inherent quality, that women are inherently not better leader. Is leadership inherent in certain individuals, or is it learned?"
[0:05:53] "Can you tell us a personal story from your own life about what inspired you to take on a leadership role?" 
[0:08:35] "You probably mentor a lot of young women. What advice could you give them to help take on leadership roles?"
[0:11:30] Tadesse speaks about the role of Information and communication technology (ICT) in facilitating cooperation between different African women's groups/movements. 
[0:15:05] Tadesse describes her experience in coalition building in women's human rights advocacy, and advocacy projects. 
[0:19:20] "Africa is a diverse continent...if you had to pick two common advocacy strategies for the continent and perhaps what would they be, and what is either a country specific or Africa specific strategy that others can learn from?" 
[0:23:20] "What are the personal challenges that you have faced in your own role as a leader?"

This is the third part of a three-part series of interviews that took place at the Cosmos Club, Washington, DC, February, 2002, prior to a meeting of the Women's Learning Partnership (WLP) Board of Directors.

This interview took place on the same day as Zenebework Tadesse's speaking event at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars entitled Beyond the Magic Bullet: African Women and their Long and Complex Quest for Gender Justice. 

Runtime: [00:25:31]


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