International Dialogue on the Amman Principles for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women and Girls (video, French)

International Dialogue on the Amman Principles for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women and Girls (video, French)

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WLP's partner in Jordan, Solidarity is Global Institute-Jordan, in collaboration with FES hosted an online panel on the challenges and achievements of national mechanisms for gender equality and the challenging contexts in which national mechanisms operate. During the event SIGI-J,  presented the Amman Principles project and participants were able to comment on the proposed principles and their feasibility within the contexts of their countries or regions. for gender equality in the Arab region and around the world. 

The Amman Principles

  1. Human Rights Principles are the Reference: Human rights principles should be the foundational reference of national mechanisms for gender equality. 
  2. Guaranteed Autonomy and Independence: Guaranteed independence from governments’ interventions in the promotion and protection of women’s and girls’ rights, and in mainstreaming gender in all legislation, policies, strategies, and programs.
  3. A Well-Defined and Non-Restrictive Mandate: A well-defined, yet broad gender equality mandate, should be enshrined in the Constitutions and/or through legal provision and legislation. 
  4. Representative Composition and Independence: Democratic, equal, and fair representation in the composition of national mechanisms and guaranteed non-restrictive powers to execute their mission. 
  5. Intersectionality, Diversity, Inclusion, and Pluralism are the Core Values: Work methods and means are governed by respect to the principles of diversity, inclusion, and pluralism.
  6. Non-Restricted Powers to Form Alliances and Partnerships: Non-restricted ability to create solidarities and build local partnerships across government and civil societies spectrums. 
  7. Sufficient Resources: Sufficient financial resources, and enhanced competence and capacity of personnel to reflect real commitment to gender equality goals. 
  8. Adequate Investigation Powers: Powers to investigate and hold governments accountable to the gender equality goals. 
  9. Enhanced Resilience: Adequate resources and enhanced abilities to confront crises and emergencies. 

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