Climate Justice Campaign Booklet (booklet, English)

Women fight for climate justice
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Climate Justice Campaign Booklet (booklet, English)

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The existential urgency of climate change and human survival requires mutual learning and global action. Women are most affected by environmental destruction and are best situated to provide solutions, yet least involved in decision-making. This booklet outlines WLP's global campaign for climate justice and highlights selected stories from WLP's partners.

Our Campaign

The chief strategy of our campaign is to engage local and regional women leaders in setting priorities and leading mobilization efforts to bring about climate justice. Our science-based long-term goal is to slow down global warming to keep it below 1.5 degrees Celsius. Our human rights goal is to shift the discourse on climate from solely reducing carbon emissions and greenhouse gases to engaging indigenous and vulnerable communities to bring about equitable and sustainable solutions. To reach these goals, we and our partners are mobilizing world leaders of governments and industries, and local leaders of local governments and industries, to work together with activists to set and adhere to planet-saving environmental practices.

Selected Stories from Across the Partnership

All of WLP’s partners are addressing climate justice in one way or another in their work to promote human rights and human security. This booklet highlights stories from Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Senegal, and Turkey.


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