Asma Khader interview on women's advocacy campaigns (violence, marriage age) and leadership (video)

Asma Khader interview on women's advocacy campaigns (violence, marriage age) and leadership (video)

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Topical Interview
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Asma Khader discusses two advocacy campaigns that took place in Jordan, the first for repeal of a law which granted greatly reduced sentences to men who commit acts of violence against women if they claim to have done it in a fit of rage or to protect their family's honor; the second campaign for raising legal marriage age for girls from 15 to 18. Khader details the building of a coalition of many ideologically different activist organizations, and describes the specific cases that inspired her to campaign for legal reform on these issues. She also shares her views on horizontal, participatory leadership.

Asma Khader of WLP's partner organization, Jordan/Sisterhood is Global Institute/Jordan (SIGI/J), is a prominent Jordanian lawyer and women's rights activist. 

This interview was part of a series of interviews conducted with attendees of the June 2002 Summer Roaming Institute in Potomac, MD.

Runtime: 00:27:50

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