Penal Code of Indonesia (document, English)


Penal Code of Indonesia (document, English)

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Penal Code of Indonesia, Enacted 1982, with amendments through 1999.


Book I: General Provisions

  • Chapter I: Extent of Operation of the Statutory Penal Provisions
  • Chapter II: Punishments
  • Chapter III: Exclusion, Mitigation and Enhancement of Punishment
  • Chapter IV: Attempt
  • Chapter V: Participation in Punishable Acts
  • Chapter VI: Conjunction of Punishable Acts
  • Chapter VII: Filing and Withdrawal of Complaining in Crimes to be Prosecuted only upon Complaint 
  • Chapter VIII: Lapse of the Right to Prosecute and of the Punishment
  • Chapter IX: Sense of some Expressions used in the Code

Book II: Crimes

  • Chapter I: Crimes Against the Security of the State
  • Chapter II: Crimes Against the Dignity of the President and Vice President
  • Chapter III: Crimes Against Friendly States and Against Heads and Representatives of Friendly States
  • Chapter IV: Crimes Concerning the Performances of State Duties and State Rights
  • Chapter V: Crimes Against the Public Order
  • Chapter VI: Dueling 
  • Chapter VII: Crimes whereby the General Security of Persons or Property is Endangered 
  • Chapter VIII: Crimes Against Public Authority 
  • Chapter IX: Perjury and False Testimony 
  • Chapter X: Counterfeit of Coins and Currency and Bank Notes
  • Chapter XI: Forgery of Seals and Marks
  • Chapter XII: Forgery of Writings
  • Chapter XIII: Crimes Against the Civil Status of Persons
  • Chapter XIV: Crimes Against Decency 
  • Chapter XV: Abandonment of Destitutes
  • Chapter XVI: Defamation
  • Chapter XVII: Revelation of Secrets  
  • Chapter XVIII: Crimes Against Personal Liberty 
  • Chapter XIX: Crimes Against Life
  • Chapter XX: Maltreatment
  • Chapter XXI: Causing Death or Bodily Harm by Negligence 
  • Chapter XXII: Theft
  • Chapter XXIII: Extortion and Blackmail
  • Chapter XXIV: Embezzlement 
  • Chapter XXV: Fraud
  • Chapter XXVI: Injury to creditors or rightful claimants
  • Chapter XXVII: Destruction or Damage to Property 
  • Chapter XXVIII: Crimes Committed by Officials
  • Chapter XXIX: Crimes relating to Navigation
  • Chapter XXIX A: Crimes relating to Aviation and Aviation Activities 
  • Chapter XXX: Receiving Stolen Property, Publishing and Printing
  • Chapter XXXI: Provisions relating to Recidivism common to various Chapters

Book III: Misdemeanors 

  • Chapter I: Misdemeanors concerning the General Security of Persons and Property and the Public Health
  • Chapter II: Misdemeanors relating to Public Order 
  • Chapter III: Misdemeanors against the Public Authority  
  • Chapter IV: Misdemeanors relating to Descent and Marriage
  • Chapter V: Misdemeanors relating to Destitute Persons
  • Chapter VI: Misdemeanors relating to Morals
  • Chapter VII: Misdemeanors relating to Yards and Premises 
  • Chapter VIII: Misdemeanors by Officials 
  • Chapter IX: Misdemeanors relating to Navigation 

(sections related to women's rights)

  • Article 284: Prohibition of Adultery
  • Article 286: Prohibition of Rape
  • Article 346: Prohibition of Abortion

Source: World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) (Document Source)


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