Family Law of Morocco (Moudawana) (document, English)

Morocco Family Code (Moudawan) 2004 English.pdf

Family Law of Morocco (Moudawana) (document, English)

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Family Law
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The Moroccan Family Code (Moudawana) of February 5, 2004

with amendments through 2004



General Provisions

Book 1: Of Marriage

  • Title 1: Of Engagement and Marriage
  • Title 2: Of Capacity and Tutelage in Marriage
  • Title 3: Of Marriage Impediments
  • Title 4: Of Violational Conditions in the Marriage Contract and their Effects
  • Title 5: Of Marriage Categories and Provisions
  • Title 6: Of the Formalities and Administrative Measures to Legalize a Marriage Contract

Book 2: Of the Dissolution of the Bonds of Matrimony and its Effects

  • Title 1: General Provisions
  • Title 2: Of Death and Anullment
  • Title 3: Of Repudiation
  • Title 4: Of Divorce
  • Title 5: Of Divorce by Mutual Consent or Divorce in Exchange for Compensation
  • Title 6: Of Divorce and Repudiation Categories
  • Title 7: Of the Effects of the Dissolution of the Marriage Contract
  • Title 8: Of Divorce Certification Procedures and Content

Book 3: Of Birth and its Effects

  • Title 1: Of Filiation and Paternity
  • Title 2: Of Custody
  • Title 3: Of Financial Maintenance

Book 4: Of Legal Capacity and Representation

  • Title 1: Of Legal Capacity, Causes of Guardianship due to Legal Incapacity (Al Hajr), and Acts of Disposal
  • Title 2: Of Legal Representation

Book 5: Of Wills [not translated]

Book 6: Of Inheritance [not translated]

Book 7: Of Interim and Final Provisions


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