Democratic Association of Moroccan Women Statement on Al Haouz Earthquake (document, English)

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Democratic Association of Moroccan Women Statement on Al Haouz Earthquake (document, English)

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On International Day of Democracy 2023, WLP's partner in Morocco, ADFM, used the day to highlight the importance of democracy in protecting human dignity and rights during times of crisis. In response to the devastating earthquake in Morocco ADFM urged government officials, and international aid organizations to ensure the “right to humanitarian aid” including:

  • Continuing and intensifying efforts to combine financial, and psycho-social support for the families and families of victims, especially women and children, as they are most affected by the risks of natural disasters;
  • Providing psychological support for children, and protecting them by ensuring that all institutions concerned with child protection keep children and orphans away from earthquake sites;
  • Taking necessary protective measures and report human traffickers who exploit natural disasters and earthquakes to carry out their criminal behavior among children;
  • Reporting the marriage of children;
  • Accelerating the deployment of end-isolation programs and taking urgent measures for the benefit of all the oppressed neighborhoods and circles;
  • Taking all measures for effective social protection of all women especially those now in vulnerable disaster-prone areas and women in temporary shelter centers and reception spaces for earthquake victims.


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