Guardianship of Infants Act of Malaysia (document, English)


Guardianship of Infants Act of Malaysia (document, English)

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Family Law
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Guardianship of Infants Act of Malaysia of 2002


1. Short title
2. Interpretation
3. Principle on which questions relating to custody, upbringing, etc., of
infants are to be decided
4. Equal right of mother to apply to Court
5. Mother may apply to Court for order as to custody of infant
6. Custody and maintenance of infants
7. Rights of surviving parent as to guardianship
8. Power of father and mother to appoint testamentary guardians
9. Disputes between joint guardians
10. Guardianship in case of divorce or judicial separation
11. Court may remove guardian
12. Powers of guardian under this Act
13. Enforcement of orders for payment of money
14. In case of separation deed between father and mother
15. Power of Court as to production of child
16. Power of Court to order repayment of costs of bringing up child
17. Court in making order to have regard to conduct of parent
18. Power of Court as to child’s religious education
19. Rules as to procedure
20. Saving


Source: Attorney General's Chambers of Malaysia (PDF source)