Developing Effective Advocacy Campaigns (guide, Bahasa Indonesia)

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Developing Effective Advocacy Campaigns (guide, Bahasa Indonesia)

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Multimedia Facilitators' Toolkit
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Bahasa Indonesia (Bahasa Indonesia)



The Developing Effective Advocacy Campaigns guide contains exercises on how to engage in successful advocacy for social change. The exercises enable participants to explore the various stages of formulating and implementing advocacy campaigns, including building pluralistic coalitions, and creating locally appropriate advocacy strategies.

This guide is part of the Leading to Choices Multimedia Toolkit for Leadership Learning, a three-part training package that builds women's skills to communicate effectively, facilitate participatory learning environments, and mobilize powerful advocacy campaigns. This package has been an integral component of WLP’s Training of Trainers (TOT) program since 2003, and continues to be used by women leaders across the Global South.

This guide is also available for download in the complete Leading to Choices Multimedia Facilitators Toolkit.