Child Protection Act of Malaysia (document, English)


Child Protection Act of Malaysia (document, English)

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Family Law
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Child Act (Act 611) of Malaysia of 2001


Part I: Preliminary 

Part II: Coordinating Council for the Protection of Children 

Part III: Appointment of Protector, etc.

Part IV: Courts for Children

Part V: Children in Need of Care and Protection 

Part VI: Children in Need of Protection and Rehabilitation 

Part VII: Beyond Control 

Part VIII: Trafficking in and Abduction of Children

Part IX: Institutions

Part X: Criminal Procedure in Court for Children 

Part XI: In the Care of Fit and Proper Person

Part XII: Contribution Orders

Part XIII: Investigation, Arrest, Search, Seizure, etc.   

Part XIV: Miscellaneous

Part XV: Savings and Transitional Provisions 


Source: International Labour Organization (PDF source)