Anti-Slavery Act of Mauritania (document, English)


Anti-Slavery Act of Mauritania (document, English)

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Slavery Act No. 2007-048 of 3 September 2007 Criminalizing Slavery and Slavery-like Practices

Article 9: Any person who marries, forces to marry, or prevents from marrying, a woman who is an alleged slave against her will is punishable by one (1) year to three (3) years’ imprisonment and a fine of one hundred thousand (100,000 UM) to five hundred thousand ouguiyas (500,000 UM), or one of these two penalties. If the marriage is consummated, the spouse is entitled to a double dowry and can demand the dissolution of the marriage. The parenthood of the children is established with regard to the husband. The provisions of article 309 of the penal code are applicable to anyone who rapes a woman who is an alleged slave.


Source: The US Department of Justice (document source)