Aminetou Mint El-Moctar

Executive Director, WLP Mauritania/Association des Femmes Chefs de Famille (AFCF)
Aminetou Ely (Mint El-Moctar)

Mint El-Moctar (Mauritania) is a women’s rights activist focused on child marriage and slavery. She is President of l'Association des Femmes Chefs de Famille (AFCF), the Association of Women Heads of Family. AFCF works to promote and defend the rights of women and children, support women in precarious situations, create a network of associations working to improve living conditions of women heads of household and their children, and contribute to the emergence of an active solidarity amongst women of different social classes. Mint El-Moctar received the French Legion of Honor in 2010 and was shortlisted for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015.