About Leading to Choices

Leading to Choices in 18 languages

WLP's foundational training manual Leading to Choices: A Leadership Training Handbook for Women provides curriculum for teaching inclusive, participatory, and horizontal leadership. Created in collaboration with our partners, the leadership curriculum is easily adapted to suit diverse cultural, political, and socio-economic needs of different audiences. Currently available in 22 languages, it is being used by our partners and dozens of other organizations throughout the Global South. 

Leading to Choices’ twelve sessions use interactive exercises and real-life stories to engage participants in discussions on the issues that are most pressing for them. WLP believes that participatory leadership results in good communication among individuals who can learn from each other, create a shared vision, reach a common goal, and develop a plan for action.

The real-life stories in Leading to Choices are about individuals who discover personal leadership skills that enable them to address challenging situations in their communities. Some of the stories are about the innovative work of organizations that engaged in participatory decision making and communication, both internally and with their constituencies. For those who are new to facilitating workshops, the manual includes "Guidelines for Facilitating" that help users to create stimulating learning environments that promote mutual respect, dialogue, and collaboration.

To date, Leading to Choices leadership training workshops have been conducted in over 50 countries all over the world. Participants have included grassroots women, youth, refugees, staff of NGOs, jurists, political candidates, and microbusiness owners, among others.