The New Memoir by WLP Founder and President Mahnaz Afkhami is available now

The Other Side of Silence


October 11, 2022

The  new memoir by WLP Founder and President Mahnaz Afkhami, The Other Side of Silence: A Memoir of Exile, Iran, and the Global Women’s Movement, is available now. In the book, Mahnaz reflects on her journey from English professor to the first and only Minister of Women’s Affairs in Iran, to her life in exile in the United States following the Iranian Revolution in 1979. 

In the memoir, Mahnaz recounts how she and other gender justice advocates from the Global South connected through a common vision for a peaceful, just, and equitable world. And she tells the story of an extraordinary meeting of women leaders at the 1995 World Conference on Women in Beijing that led to the founding of the Women's Learning Partnership.

Right now women in Iran are courageously demanding equality, freedom, and justice. The stories and experiences shared in the book give context to their bravery, and demonstrate the hope found when women believe in their power and join together for a better world.

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