Collective for Research and Training on Development-Action

Collective for Research and Training on Development-Action

مجموعة الابحاث والتدريب للعمل التنموي

CRTD-A provides technical training and support to grassroots women in Lebanon, and to non-governmental organizations, governmental partners, researchers, and international agencies in the areas of social, economic, and community development, with an emphasis on gender equality and equity.

Partner Focus Areas

Equal citizenship rights
Women's leadership and political participation
Women's labor force participation
Access to information technology

Partnership Highlights

Partner since 2003
Leadership trainings with Syrian refugee women
Host partner for global and MENA regional trainings
Arabic adaptations of WLP resources
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About CRTD-A

Beirut-based CRTD-A, founded in 1999, is committed to the values of gender equality, diversity, and social justice. CRTD-A conducts social research, and disseminates original literature on gender and development, gender-mainstreaming, social development, civil society, and poverty. CRTD-A publishes bulletins, newsletters, translated materials, and books, and uses its website and other electronic communications to provide updates on human rights campaigns and legislative information to the public. CRTD-A runs a resource center, which circulates information on gender and development issues in Lebanon and the wider Arab world. In collaboration with activists and organizations based in Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Syria, and Tunisia, CRTD-A is coordinating regional women’s rights campaigns on reforming family law, bestowing nationality rights, and securing government adherence to international rights conventions without reservations.

Since CRTD-A joined the WLP partnership in 2003, the organization has played a leadership role in mobilizing WLP partners in regional campaigns and helping to build the capacity of WLP partners and other human rights organizations locally and internationally. CRTD-A works primarily in Arabic.

Lebanon Refugee workshop 2017
Refugee women in Beirut gather for a CRTD-A workshop on women's leadership and organizing.

Recent Accomplishments

  • CRTD-A has been a thought-leader on critical rights issues in Lebanon, and has published numerous papers, dossiers, reports, and other literature. Among its most recent publications have been Citizenship and Gender and the Impact of the Rise Extremist Islamic Groups, The Economic Reality in the Region, and Women’s Work in Lebanon: Making the Invisible Visible.
  • In 2017, CRTD-A’s My Nationality is a Right for Me and My Family campaign included multiple sit-ins with thousands of participants, and activists gave testimony before parliament, the cabinet, and head of the republic. Campaign participants protested the clampdown on foreign workers, and demanded ratification of a draft law that would grant Lebanese women married to men of other nationalities the right to convey their nationality to their spouses and children.
  • As a result of CRTD-A’s extensive campaigning and mobilization, the Ministry of Labor established government procedures that allow the daughters and sons of Lebanese women married to men from other nationalities to hold jobs and earn an income in Lebanon.
  • CRTD-A has set up a shop called Namlyeh to facilitate market access for rural women cooperatives, providing them with a sustainable market entry point for their food products, and bringing them greater independence and profits.
Lebanon Youth Discussion 2015
Young people from across the MENA region work together at a CRTD-A training on leadership and active citizenship.

Organizational Programs and Activities

Gender and Leadership

  • CRTD-A is empowering women with leadership skills with the aim of increasing the number of women in decision-making roles—in government, at work, and in the community. CRTD-A trains rural women, activists, youth, academics, journalists, politicians, and NGO staff. CRTD-A uses WLP’s curricula and leadership model in its dozens of trainings annually in Lebanon and elsewhere in the region and internationally.

Arab Women's Right to Nationality Campaign

  • CRTD-A is a leading organization in Lebanon’s Claiming Equal Citizenship campaign for nationality rights for women. CRTD-A carries out ongoing media outreach, organizes grassroots training sessions, and mobilizes sit-ins and marches in order to raise public awareness and put pressure on officials.  

Women's Economic Empowerment Program (WEEP)

  • CRTD-A’s economic empowerment program provides marginalized rural women in Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria with skills, networks, and market access. The WEEP team assesses the needs of rural women and works jointly with them to identify their economic and social priorities. WEEP conducts business, financial, and leadership skills training, and facilitates policy research and dialogue with various stakeholders. The project began in October 2016 and will end in October 2018.

Independent Resource and Information Services (IRIS)

  • IRIS was created to enable the ongoing exchange of information in Lebanon among NGOs, and to assist with coordination on related projects. IRIS is filling communication gaps between NGOs by disseminating news briefs and analysis on NGOs, poverty, and social development, and increasing the coverage of the work of NGOs in the media. Through a monthly information bulletin (MAJAL), CRTD-A’s resource center, special dossier publications, and a hotline, the goal of this project is to increase the effectiveness of NGOs in reaching their shared objectives.
I strongly believe that through sound political practice, we can create hope for people. [We can] mobilize them around common national goals whereby we don’t only promise them castles in the sky, but actually [help them to] realize their dreams. Through an organized growth strategy, they will see their country developing, and actually feel Lebanon transform into a civilized, environmentally clean, prosperous, and peaceful nation.
Claudine Aoun Roukoz, Head of the National Commission for Women’s Affairs in Lebanon

About Lebanon

  • Population: 6 million
  • Located in the Middle East bordering the Mediterranean Sea to the west, Syria to the north and east, and Israel to the south
  • Spillover from the Syrian conflict, including the influx of more than 1.1 million registered Syrian refugees, has increased internal tension and slowed economic growth to the 1-2% range in 2011-16.
  • In 2017, 4 November was named National Women’s Day in Lebanon to much criticism as the gender gap remains vast.
  • Mixed legal system of civil law based on the French civil code, Ottoman legal tradition, and religious laws covering personal status, marriage, divorce, and other family relations of the Jewish, Islamic, and Christian communities.
  • Religions: Muslim 54% (27% Sunni, 27% Shia), Christian 40.5%, Druze 5.6%, very small numbers of Jews, Baha'is, Buddhists, Hindus, and Mormons.
  • Citizenship by descent only: the father must be a citizen of Lebanon
  • Seats held by women in national parliament: 3%
  • Labor force 24.5% female
  • Female literacy: 91.8%
Lebanon Nationality Campaign activists
Women and men join a CRTD-A march in Beirut for reforming Lebanon's citizenship laws.
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