When Home Is Where the Harm Is (video, part 2)

When Home Is Where the Harm Is (video, part 2)

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WLP's family law initiative and discussion continues during part two of the CSW60 event: When Home is Where the Harm is: Family Law Reform to Challenge Gender Based Violence

A panel of experts on family law reform for challenging gender based violence, continues. Kavita Ramdas discusses feminism and the personal as political. Introduces panel. Anne Gahongayire talks about impact of genocide on Rwanda's infrastructure; Tolekan Ismailova gives statistics from Kyrgyzstan with case studies. Focus on child bride kidnapping, migrant issue and corruption.

Asma Khader discusses requisites for female freedom and citizenship, impact of patriarchy on judicial system with reference to specific articles; invisibility of women workers, gender pay gap. Describes disparity between Jordanian laws according to religion.

Kavita Ramdas discusses women's control over bodies as central to all issues. Reading of Kahlil Gibran poem 'On Laws', The Law.

Ends with acknowledgements from Mahnaz Afkhami.