Siew Peng (Betty) Yeoh Oral History Audio Files

Betty Yeoh

Siew Peng (Betty) Yeoh Oral History Audio Files

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About the Interviewee* 

Siew Peng (Betty) Yeoh (Malaysia) is the Projects Director of All Women’s Action Society (AWAM), an independent feminist organization committed to improving the lives of women in Malaysia and creating a society in which women are treated with respect and free from all forms of violence and discrimination. Yeoh assisted with developing the Telenita Helpline and its para-counseling services for survivors of violence against women, in particular, domestic violence. As a trainer/facilitator for AWAM, her key focus areas are combating sexual harassment at work; building the capacity of policy makers through programs on violence against women; the rights of women; and gender sensitization.

An advocate for women’s rights, she was Secretary of the Women’s Section of the Malaysian Trade Union Congress. Yeoh has co-authored training manuals on combating sexual harassment at the workplace, violence against women, and women’s rights.

*This brief biography was recorded concurrently with the subject’s interview for the WLP Oral History Archive of the Global Women’s Movement.

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