Lifelines 2002: Fatema Mernissi (video)

Lifelines 2002: Fatema Mernissi (video)

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Lifelines: The Literature of Women's Human Rights, 2002, held on March 25, in collaboration with The Center for Global Peace at American University, will feature readings by leading women authors of the global women's movement.

Fatema Mernissi of Morocco begins her presentation by noting the diversity of panel discussions and presentations in the United States: diverse languages, countries, colors, and types of literature (poetry-non-fiction) are all present. She follows two poets and comments that she must come down from her state of poetic enchantment in order to present her literature. She discusses the idea of women as passive, and referencec several historical women in stories from the 17th century, Nur Jahan, Jahangir, Arab women, and Egyptian scholarship. She mentions Henri Matisse and Hollywood films. She reads from Chapter 12 of her work, Princess Nur Jahan.