Black History in Las Vegas Unnamed Documentary (video)

Black History in Las Vegas Unnamed Documentary (video)

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External Documentary
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An unpublished documentary about race relations and the role of African Americans in the development of Las Vegas from the city's earliest days in the 1800's through the Great Depression, World War II, the American Civil Rights Movement, and the end of legal segregation in Nevada. The documentary focuses on the racial politics that shaped Las Vegas social, geographic, and cultural history. A main topic is the rise and eventual preeminence of black entertainers on the night club scene in the Las Vegas strip, particularly at the Moulin Rouge. Las Vegas exemplifies the tensions and contradictions of Black history in the United States and still-unresolved issue of racial inequality. 

Many Black musicians and performers, including Della Reese and Dee Jasmine are interviewed for the documentary, as well as academics and historians. 

We are currently unable to determine the origin or original title of the documentary.