Attiya Inayatullah interview on activism in politics and women's work, Pakistan (video)

Attiya Inayatullah interview on activism in politics and women's work, Pakistan (video)

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Topical Interview
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Pakistani activist Attiya Inayatullah discusses biographical and contextual/historical topics including her experiences as a politician and government official within the Pakistani government; the difficulties and responsibilities that face women in exercising political power; women in Pakistani politics and policies toward women under General Pervez Musharraf; the threat of the Pakistani Taliban and extremism; and the fight against poverty and her efforts to increase access to contraception.

This interview was conducted during Clash or Consensus: Gender and Human Security in a Globalized World, a Women's Learning Partnership sponsored conference of global women's leaders that took place in Washington DC in October of 2003. The event was held in cooperation with The Global Fund for Women. 

Runtime: 00:24:50

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