WLP Documentary Films

WLP creates documentary films about current women’s right topics that are frequently used in our workshops and public awareness-raising events. Produced in over half a dozen languages, the documentaries showcase the stories and perspectives of leading women’s rights advocates from the Global South, many of whom are from our partner organizations. The documentaries ask important questions about women’s mobilization, the risk of backlash, and the role of human rights in securing peace and progress for women today.

Against All Odds Documentary Film Cover

Against All Odds: Women Partnering for Change in a Time of Crisis (2006)

This video presents voices and viewpoints of women activists in the Global South on the social, political, and security challenges they face promoting universal rights and women’s advancement. (25 min)

Because Our Cause Is Just Documentary Film Cover

Because Our Cause is Just (2013)

This video explores the social and political challenges facing women's rights activists in the Middle East-North Africa region following the Arab Spring democracy uprisings. Available in additional languages. (36 min)

Cultural Boundaries and Cyber Spaces cover

Cultural Boundaries and Cyber Spaces: Women's Voices on Empowerment, Leadership, & Technology (2000)

In this video, leading women activists from across the Global South describe their perspectives on the women’s movements in their countries, and their strategies for global solidarity. (30 min)

Equality It's All in the Family Documentary Film Cover

Equality: It's All in the Family (2017)

This video describes the spectrum of family laws that define relations between men and women in the family, and the impact of many of those laws on women’s freedom and human rights. Available in additional languages. (26 min)

From Fear to Freedom Documentary Film Cover

From Fear to Freedom: Ending Violence Against Women (2012)

In this video, leading women activists from across the globe discuss their campaigns to end gender-based violence, and provide inspiring accounts of their important gains to-date. Available in additional languages. (40 min) 

Human Rights The Unfinished Journey Documentary Film Cover

Human Rights: The Unfinished Journey (2015)

This video explores the linkages between women’s human rights and social, economic, and environmental rights, and the importance of prioritizing human rights in national and international policymaking. Available in additional languages. (27 min)