When Home Is Where the Harm Is (video, part 1)

When Home Is Where the Harm Is (video, part 1)

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Mahnaz Afkhami introduces WLP's family law initiative during a CSW60 event: When Home is Where the Harm is: Family Law Reform to Challenge Gender Based Violence

A panel of experts on family law reform for challenging gender based violence, chaired by Yakin Ertürk. Ertürk discusses importance of having laws as base to work from for change. Jacqueline Pitanguy discusses laws as written with a political pen, crime and punishment as historical concepts changed by women's activism. Relays historical course of women and law.

Madeleine Rees tells personal story of same sex marriage. Discusses political economy as highly gendered, Links neoliberalism to escalation of domestic violence, impact of militarism on family unit.

Dubravka Šimonovic discusses relationship between global and international laws and jurisprudence, and national laws. Impact of invisible persistent violence against women in home calling for Femicide watch.

Musimbi Kanyoro discusses learning experiences from women's organizations, direct contact with the ground as reflective of women's consciousness or lack of. Story from Cameroon. Discusses impact of family laws from North Africa and Middle East on laws in Kenya, introducing groups active at local level for policy change. Identifies widows as group that has escaped feminist work. Distinguishes oral traditions from written laws, recognizing impact of both.

Audience questions lead to discussion on nationality law and inconsistencies between laws that are linked.