Lifelines 2017: Karima Bennoune (video)

Lifelines 2017: Karima Bennoune (video)

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Lifelines: The Poetry of Human Rights, 2017 features readings by leading women poets during the 61st Session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women in New York City, March 17, 2017. Since 2003, WLP’s Lifelines series has linked poetry and prose to the struggle of realizing women’s human rights. Featuring readings by leading women poets, the event connects the listener to testimonies that inspire and build solidarity among feminist activists everywhere.

Karima Bennoune gives opening remarks on human rights and culture and the significance of art in bringing about change.  She discusses the cultural rights mandate of the UN.  She discusses the need to stand with other writers who are persecuted for their artistic expression. She discusses contemporary responses to human rights issues, and the need for sustained support of artistic expression within cultures of rising fundamentalism.