Lifelines 2017: Abena Busia, Tsitsi Jaji, and Ladan Osman (video)

Lifelines 2017: Abena Busia, Tsitsi Jaji, and Ladan Osman (video)

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Lifelines: The Poetry of Human Rights, 2017 features readings by leading women poets during the 61st Session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women in New York City, March 17, 2017. Since 2003, WLP’s Lifelines series has linked poetry and prose to the struggle of realizing women’s human rights. Featuring readings by leading women poets, the event connects the listener to testimonies that inspire and build solidarity among feminist activists everywhere.

[00:00]  Ladan Osman opens with background on the sometimes terror of being a girl, of being told to be aware of male threats at a young age. She reads her poem First Red Dress.

[03:56]  Tsitsi Jaji reads poems written after the kidnapping of girls of school age including, Introit for Girls Voices in the Physics Lab, and Antiphon for Boys Voices.

[07:10]  Abena Busia introduces the last section on poems on exile and migration.

[08:04]  Ladan Osman reads Parable for Refugees.

[11:45]  Tsitsi Jaji reads On the Isles of Lesbos.