Constitution of Kyrgyzstan (document, English)

Kyrgyzstan Constitution 2010-English.pdf

Constitution of Kyrgyzstan (document, English)

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The Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic of 2010


  • Preamble
  • Section I: Fundamentals of the Constitutional Order
  • Section II: Human Rights and Freedoms
    • Chapter I: Fundamental rights and freedoms
    • Chapter II: Human rights and freedoms
    • Chapter III: Citizenship. Rights and duties of a citizen
  • Section III: The President of the Kyrgyz Republic 
  • Section IV: Legislative Power of the Kyrgyz Republic  
    • Chapter I: The Jogorku Kenesh 
    • Chapter II: Powers of the Jogorku Kenesh
    • Chapter III: Legislative procedure
  • Section V: Executive Power of the Kyrgyz Republic 
  • Section VI: Judicial Power in the Kyrgyz Republic 
  • Section VII: Other State Authorities 
  • Section VIII: Local Government 
  • Section IX: Procedure of Introducing Changes to the Constitution 

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