Constitution of Brazil (document, English)


Constitution of Brazil (document, English)

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The Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil of 1988

With amendments through 2017


  • Preamble
  • Title I: Fundamental Principles
  • Title II: Fundamental Rights and Guarantees
  • Title III: Organization of the State
  • Title IV: Organization of the Branches
  • Title V: Defense of the State and Democratic Institutions
  • Title VI: Taxation and Budget
  • Title VII: Economic and Financial Order
  • Title VIII: The Social Order
  • Title IX: General Constitutional Provisions
  • The Transitional Constitutional Provisions Act 1988



English translation by Keith S. Rosenn and © Keith S. Rosenn. All rights reserved. Made available by WLP here with permission generously granted by Keith S. Rosenn. Originally this translation was prepared for distribution by Constitution Project. Professor Rosenn provided WLP with the translation of the additional 2017 amendments.

Source: Constitute Project (PDF source)