Child Law of Egypt (document, English)

Egypt-Law No 12 of 1996 Child Law Amended by Law No 126 of 2008_complete-English.pdf

Child Law of Egypt (document, English)

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Family Law
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Law No. 12 of 1996, Promulgating the Child Law of the Arab Republic of Egypt 

Amended by Law No. 126 of 2008


  • Part One: General Provisions
  • Part Two: Child Health Care
    • Chapter 1 Practicing the Obstetric Profession
    • Chapter 2 Birth Registration
    • Chapter 3 Vaccination and Immunization of the Child
    • Chapter 4 Child Healthcare card
    • Chapter 5 Child Nutrition
  • Part Three: Social Welfare
    • Chapter 1 Nursery
    • Chapter 2 Alternative Care
    • Chapter 3 Protection from Traffic Risks
  • Part Four: Child Education
    • Chapter 1
    • Chapter 2 Kindergartens
    • Chapter 3 Stages of Education
  • Part Five: Care for the Working Child and Working Mother
    • Chapter 1 Care of Working Child
    • Chapter 2 Care of Working Mother
  • Part Six: Care and Rehabilitation of the Disabled Child
  • Part Seven: Child Culture
  • Part Eight: Dealing with children having infringed the penal law
  • Part Nine: National Council for Childhood and Motherhood
  • Annex Additions to the Penal Code Additions to the Civil Status Law

Source: United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes, Sharing Electronic Resources And Laws on Crime (PDF Source)