Women's Learning Partnership

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A Journey of Leadership

In 2018, Amal Al-Jamani attended a workshop conducted by WLP’s partner in Jordan, Solidarity is Global Institute-Jordan (SIGI-J), and is now an emerging women’s rights leader in her community. In her own words, Amal described herself as shy and unsure of how she could contribute in a group of more experience activists. However, inclusive activities and interactive exercises encouraged Amal to discover the critical experience and skills she had to share with the rest of the workshop participants. Since that day, she has continued to develop her role as a leader and recognize the potential in others, a process that has helped her reach new positions of influence in her community. 

Leading Climate Justice Efforts in Senegal

Julie Cissé is turning the principles of climate justice into action in Senegal.  As the Coordinator of Women’s Learning Partnership Senegal/Groupes d’Initiatives pour le Progrès Social-West Africa Region (GIPS-WAR), Cissé has worked to promote the economic, social and cultural development of rural and urban women through training, advocacy and counseling for over a decade.