16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence 2017

An annual campaign of the center for women's global leadership, Rutgers University

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    25 Nov, 2017

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    • WLP Twitter "Teach-In"
    • Bethesda, Maryland
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Activists hold a banner in protest of gender based violence.

From November 25 to December 10, 2017, Women's Learning Partnership (WLP) is participating in the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, a global campaign to build awareness of and end violence against women and girls. Since its inception in 1991, more than 5,000 organizations from over 180 countries have participated. This year's theme, "Together We Can End GBV in Education," places a strong emphasis on the human rights framework in order to advocate for insitutional and policy change that prevents and addresses GBV in education. 

WLP Partner Activities & Events:

All WLP partners will be participating in the 16 Days Against GBV campaign. We will be updating the list of activities and events throughout the 16 Days campaign. 

WLP International

WLP International

  • WLP International will be holding a Twitter teach-in on December 7th on the connection between discriminatory family laws and gender-based violence. Follow @wlp_intl for to join in! 

WLP Brazil - CEPIA

CEPIA has a number of activities and events planned for 16 Days, including:

  • November 25th: A workshop titled "#EuALider (#MyselfALeader)" will be conducted by CEPIA as part of the 10th Rio de Janeiro Fórum organized by Casa Fluminense. More than 300 people will gather for this event to discuss public priorities of the Rio de Janeiro metropolitan area. Andrea Romani, Mariana Barsted, Debora Silva and Beatriz Cordeiro from CEPIA will facilitate the workshop using WLP’s manual Leading to Action.
  • November 27th: CEPIA will conduct a workshop on political participation and strengthening women’s agency against gender violence. This training is part of an agenda of activities organized by the Rio de Janeiro State Women’s Council (CEDIM), and will be facilitated by Andrea Romani, Mariana Barsted, and Karla Oldane using WLP manuals Victories Over Violence and Leading to Action.
  • November 27th to 29th: Leila Barsted from CEPIA will participate in the MESEVEC Experts meeting on Panama, which will analyze the implementation of the Belém do Para Convention. 
  • November 28th: CEPIA will highlight the relationship between violence against women (VAW) and maternal mortality and morbidity through the Maternal Mortality Commission of Rio de Janeiro.
  • November 28th: CEPIA President Jacqueline Pitanguy will be interviewed by Canal Saude, a TV channel related to Fiocruz institution. She will talk about the Law Proposal 181 that intends to forbid abortion in all circumstances, and how it translates to a form of violence against women.
  • November 29th: CEPIA will use content from the WLP manual Leading to Choices to host a seminar with high school students from Enilza Barros dos Santos Chiconelli. CEPIA has been developing workshops with students from this school and will hold this seminar as a closing activity. Debora Silva and Lucas Marçal will facilitate the activity along with Andrea Romani, Mariana Barsted, and Karla Oldane. The youth will discuss their agency to promote more egalitarian societies and to defend their rights, especially sexual and reproductive rights.
  • November 30th: CEPIA will attend an event organized by the Law School from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and speak on violence against women, femicide, and the Maria da Penha Laws.
  • December 1st: CEPIA, represented by Leila Linhares Barsted, will give a class to judges on human rights and violence against women during an event organized by Fórum Violence Against Women and Human Rights Fórum from the Magistrate School (EMERJ).
  • December 5th: CEPIA President Jacqueline Pitanguy will speak on violence against women and Brazilian women’s constitutional rights at the Legislative Assembly of São Paulo.
  • December 7th: CEPIA’s Leila Linhares Barsted will be a panelist for a conversation about a theater performance on violence against women taking place at the Centro Cultural da Justiça.
  • December 8th: CEPIA President Jacqueline Pitanguy will speak on a panel on Global Health, Human Rights, and Advocacy at an event organized by the Collective Health Institute of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and the Public Defenders of Rio de Janeiro State. 
  • CEPIA sent WLP documentaries to the Rio de Janeiro State Women’s Council (CEDIM) to be exhibited throughout the 16 days.
Forum for Women in Development

WLP Egypt - FWID

  • Social media activity and outreach relating to 16 Days themes
Women and Youth Development Institute of Indonesia

WLP Indonesia - WYDII

  • Throughout the 16 Days, WYDII is conducting a digital awareness campaign through social media to educate the public about the status of gender violence in Indonesia using statistics on child marriage and sexual assault, strategies to combat gender violence, steps to report violence against woman and girls, and more.
  • On December the 3rd, WYDII will highlight the connection between gender and environmental protection by screening a film on the struggle of Wangari Mathaai called The Greenbelt Movement, followed by a discussion on voluntarism in environmental protection in Malang City. This event will be attended by community organizers active in environmental justice advocacy and university students. 
  • On December 10th, WYDII will hold a peaceful rally in Surabaya in conjunction with other NGOs to raise awareness of GBV.
  • Also on December 10th, WYDII will conduct a workshop on HIV/AIDS awareness for women in Kediri City in collaboration with the "Voice of Conscience" NGO of Kediri. This workshop will be attended by university students and men and women from the community.
Sisterhood is Global Institute/Jordan

WLP Jordan - SIGI/J

SIGI/J will launch the 16 Days Campaign with a ceremony in Amman on November 23rd, and close with a ceremony on December 10th, Human Rights Day. Throughout the campaign, SIGI/J will host a number of workshops, trainings, and seminars for various stakeholders. These include:

  • November 11th: A workshop to discuss and draft an Arab Model Law for the Protection of Women and Girls from Violence.
  • November 18th: A workshop on early marriage on the occasion of the International Day for the Protection of Children from exploitation.
  • November 20th: A workshop reviewing the rights of refugee children.
  • November 25th: A specialized training on violence against women and girls to build the capacity of young men and women in local communities. This training is in preparation for the implementation of 12 awareness workshops on violence against women in the various governorates of the Kingdom throughout the 16 Days campaign.
  • November 26th and 27th: A workshop with a focus on early marriage.
  • November 27th: A workshop on the rights of refugee women and girls.
  • November 28th: A seminar for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.
  • November 29th: A workshop tailored to topics relating to the International Day of Human Rights Defenders.
  • December 3rd: A workshop centered around themes for the World Day of the Disabled.
  • December 7th: A workshop on the rights of rural women.
Shymkent Women's Resource Center

WLP Kazakhstan - SWRC

  • SWRC held a national training on ending violence against women in Shymkent from November 23rd through 27th. They used a number of WLP manuals and screened the Russian edition of WLP's documentary From Fear to Freedom.
  • On November 27th, SWRC coordinated a public moment of silence in downtown Shymkent to memorialize victims of GBV. Participants held signs with slogans and facts about GBV to raise awareness of this issue.
Bir Duino

WLP Kyrgyzstan - Bir Duino

Bir Duino will be hosting film screenings at 3 schools and 3 universities using the new WLP documentary, Equality: It's All in the Family. The screenings will be shown for experts from the education department of the Bishkek city administration; the specialists from the Social Development Department in Bishkek; the Juvenile Inspector of Pervomaisky District; members of the Institution of the Ombudsman of the Kyrgyz Republic; and the young leaders of the schools and universities. Screenings will be held on:

  • November 29th at secondary school number 54.
  • November 30th at secondary school number 81.
  • December 1st at secondary school number 86.
  • December 4th at Kyrgyz State Law Academy.
  • December 5th at Bishkek State University. 
  • December 6th at the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Following the film screenings, Bir Duino will conduct a workshop on family law for  youth leaders and professionals at AKIpress News Agency on December 7th.

To close the 16 Days, Bir Duino will coordinate a large flashmob in Ala-Too square on December 8th to raise awareness of gender-based violence.

Collective for Research & Training on Development-Action

WLP Lebanon - CRTD-A

  • On November 16th and 17th, CRTD.A will conduct a workshop for women's rights activists from Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and Tunisia to prepare for the 62nd Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) in March 2018. The workshop covered information on the annual CSW event and negotiating strategies for civil society organizations.
  • Throughout the 16 Days, CRTD.A will launch media efforts for its Nationality Campaign, which aims to reform Lebanese laws so that women married to expatriates can pass along their nationality to their children. CRTD.A will also conduct a life skills activity for women involved with the nationality campaign, and is currently filming a documentary to support the campaign.
All Women's Action Society

WLP Malaysia - AWAM

  • AWAM is educating the public about myths and facts related to gender-based violence on it's social media accounts throughout the 16 Days. Posts are multi-lingual and cover the broad range of violations that fall under GBV.
  • AWAM will produce and translate infographics on sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • AWAM also will conduct a fundraising campaign for Wake KL, a shelter for transwomen in the Kuala Lumpur area. 
Association des Femmes Chefs de Familles

WLP Mauritania - ACFC

  • AFCF will use its database on violence against women and WLP curriculum to educate the public on ending violence against women.
  • AFCF's recently produced video clips on sexual assault will be screened to raise awareness of this issue in the Mauritanian context. 
Association Democratique des Femmes du Maroc

WLP Morocco - ADFM

ADFM is organizing a caravan under the slogan “Caravan of Soulaliyates: Solidarity Acting for Equal Access of Women and Men to Collective Land.” The purpose of this multi-day event is to intensify action around this issue, follow up on dialogue with policymakers initiated over more than ten years ago, and strengthen understanding around this issue while pushing for a law guaranteeing Soulaliyate women access to land and enjoyment of their rights.

The caravan team includes ADFM staff and women Soulaliyates leaders who will share messages of hope and courage as well as their stories and experiences striving for equality with other Soulaliyates in rural Morocco.The caravan will travel on 3 stages in the 3 following regions:

  • October 24th-28th: Region of Fez - Meknes: tribes in the cities of Meknes, Ifrane, Sefrou and Moulay Yacoub.
  • November 13th-17th: Region of Daraa - Tafilalt: tribes in the cities of Errachidia and Midelt. 
  • December 10th-14th: Region of Rabat - Salé - Kénitra: tribes in the cities of Salé, Kénitra and Sidi Kacem. 

At each stage of the caravan, ADFM will conduct 3 main types of activities:

Activities targeting women:

  • Organization of sensitization and empowerment workshops for Soulaliyates covering themes of communication, mobilization, and advocacy.
  • Organization of meetings to raise awareness and mobilize new allies-- including civil society associations at the local and regional levels--that will support the movement in its advocacy.

Activities targeting the local representatives of the Ministry of the Interior:

  • Organization of meetings to follow-up and monitor the implementation of Circular N° 17, a statement of support from the Ministry of the Interior acknowledging Soulaliyate women's rights to collective land.

Activities targeting the public through communication campaigns:  

  • A radio spot in Darija (a Moroccan dialect) and Tamazight will be broadcast on 4 national and regional radio stations during the period of the caravan.
Forum Mulher

WLP Mozambique - Forum Mulher

Forum Mulher will be denouncing militarism, violence, forced marriage, and land grabbing during its Feminist Caravan, which will travel from the south to the north of the country by road from November 20th to November 22nd. Starting in Maputo and ending in Nampula, women and girls from all walks of life will join together to march and participate in public action along the way to demand their rights.


WLP Nigeria - CEADER

  • On November 29th, CEADER will host a sensitization program on Teenage Girls' Participation in Leadership and Development. This program will identify the linkages between their education and their participation in leadership and development activities in their communities using WLP manuals Yes I Can and Leading to Choices. CEADER will use The participants will be Senior Secondary Students of the FESTAC Girls Secondary School in Lagos.
  • On December 8th, CEADER will return to the site of the previous year's sensitization program to follow up with the 41 teenage girls from Radiance High School in Lagos who participated. The students will reflect on their training and discuss their changes in actions and decisions based on the leadership program.
  • CEADER will be sharing its 16 Days campaign messages to combat violence against women and girls on its Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.
Aurat Foundation

WLP Pakistan - Aurat Foundation

Aurat Foundation co-sponsored a Women & Girls Convention in Islamabad on November 24th titled "Leave No One Behind; End Violenec Against Women & Girls." The program included opening remarks by Aurat Executive Director Naeem Mirza; a keynote address from a representative from the U.K. Department for International Development (DFID); a Candle Vigil and Women's Song; Stories of Change from women leaders; and a theater performance by the Mardan Youth Group.

Groupe d'Initiatives pour le Progres Social

WLP Senegal - GIPS/WAR

  • On November 27th and 28th, GIPS/WAR will be hosting a workshop on GBV and women's economic empowerment. They will also hold a social mobilization forum on women's access to land on November 30th and a social mobilization for the fight against early pregnancy on December 22nd.
  • From November 28th through December 10th, GIPS/WAR will broadcast interactive radio programming on the state of GBV in each region of Senegal.
  • On December 4th, GIPS/WAR will hold a panel on the role of women in fighting against corruption in partnership with the National Office Against Fraud and Corruption.
  • GIPS/WAR will be holding information sharing sessions with other civil society organizations throughout November and December to build the national women's movement.
  • GIPS/WAR will hold a national Training of Trainers to build the capacities of activists working on GBV and other issues from December 20th to 22nd.
Foundation for the Support of Women's Work

WLP Turkey - FSWW

  • Social media activity and outreach relating to 16 Days themes
Women's Self-Promotion Movement

WLP Zimbabwe - WSPM

  • Social media activity and outreach relating to 16 Days themes



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